Cliff is a traveller (and life-long adventurer)... and he shoots 'stuff' with a camera!

That 'stuff' can be hard to categorise - it's those things that tell a story, whatever and wherever that might be (generally it's portraits of the planet, its people and its cultures). 

Cliff travels the globe in search of stories, connecting and creating in the World's most hectic and most tranquil places. Long-term nomadic trips have led him through the Far East... on more than one occasion - simply journeys of discovery. 

From winters spent high in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, to weeks spent in the remotest parts of China; from a colour-laden Spring Holi, Rajasthan (India) to the calm tranquility of Chefchaouen (Morocco) in autumn. After months and years notched up on the road and countless thousands of photographs, home is simply where stories exist! 

Taking pictures is a way of life - a journey - that goes beyond beyond pixels, beyond paper.

Creating through photography, Cliff is constantly experimenting but specialises in the following genre's of photography: