During the day Cliff is a Director at Insight & Innovation Consultancy, Brand Genetics, a central London agency working globally with the biggest brands in the world with the mission to 'innovate for human happiness'. When out of the office he's typically off adventuring somewhere across the globe, camera in hand, discovering a less travelled part of the world and meeting some of it’s incredible people.

As a photographer, his work focuses on humanitarian and environmental needs with the aim of sparking positive change for the wellbeing of both the planet and the people who live on it. Cliff's photographic work and vision have been honed over years working (often solo) across the continents in diverse and challenging environments. Through his adventures (and long term nomadic trips spanning months to years) Cliff has visited some of the world's poorest communities and most threatened paradises. These pilgrimages of passion have given Cliff first-hand insight into the complexity of the human condition - its unifying traits and rich diversity - as well as the impact humanity is having across the globe! He now aims to bring about positive change wherever he can.

He believes the most powerful images are those captured in the purest form - telling a clear and compelling story that is instantly translatable. This simplicity of expression belies the unspoken and unseen aspects of the shots. Having a strong research background, through over 14 years in the insight & innovation industry and a degree in psychology, Cliff is able to empathise and connect with people, no matter their background, situation or language. This allows him to find the most meaningful way to express their stories and communicate their needs. His question-focused mindset allows him to go deeper, knowing how to challenge clients to get to the heart of the issue and find fresh perspectives that bring the story to life in a visually-arresting way.

His mission is to tell those untold - or unheard - humanitarian and environmental stories of the world, moving others as he has been moved, to accelerate the positive advancement of the wellbeing of the planet and the people who live on it.

A selection of Cliff’s client experience: