Sparking positive change for the wellbeing of the planet and it’s people


What is wellbeing? Whilst it is an infinitely complex and multifacteted concept, when simplified it means being comfortable, healthy or happy. Whilst there are millions of people across the globe who have achieved a good wellbeing, there are far more for who an adequate wellbeing is a distant dream. And beyond humanity, the wellbeing of our planet and its other inhabitants also fall short, and in many instances, continue to be threatened (e.g. animal conservation, the health of our coral reefs, etc). There are a myriad of ways in which we can - and need to - improve the wellbeing of those around us. 

As such, I’ve made it my work’s mission to help improve the wellbeing of the planet and it's people by meaningfully connecting those who need help with those who can give it. Whilst I lack the skills, infrastructure or knowledge to help directly I am able to assist various organisations through photography. This is a vital part of the solution as it is only through people seeing what others are going through that they are able to feel compassion. 


The biggest deficit that we have in the world right now is an empathy deficit.
We are in great need of people being able to stand in somebody else's shoes and
see the world through their eyes

Barack Obama


If people aren’t truly feeling compassion for the great causes of our time this global empathy deficit will remain a monumental hurdle to positive change. If we can't feel compassion for others, how can we expect that we will be able to improve their wellbeing and that of the environment around us.

Given this, the heart of my approach, work ethic and photographic output is to work towards minimising this deficit. By truly understanding - and empathising - with both the needs of my clients and those who lack a voice (or continue to go unheard) I am able to help make the journey easier for clients and to capture photographs that authentically reflect and compellingly bring to life the challenges of those in need. 


Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world


It is through building deep connections, tapping into and simply visualising the rich emotional tapestry of the challenge that we can minimise the empathy deficit. If it be a humanitarian, environmental or a conservation challenge we can make positive changes that improve the wellbeing of the planet and it's people in ways, both big and small.