How can I help you and your cause?


Imagery is so important to spark compassion - it is able to connect vastly different worlds and cultures by tapping into fundamental human truths that can help to bridge the empathy divide. My mission and the focus of my work is to help organisations and companies connect those in need with those that can give it - through emotive images that engage, tell stories and create positive change in the wellbeing of our planet and it’s people.

I work with charities, NGOs and CSR initiatives around the world. It is work I’m passionate about and believe together we can make a positive difference. Whilst every project is different - and my approach is always tailored to it’s unique needs - there are three key disciplines I focus on:



Grabbing people’s attention (let alone engendering compassion and empathy) is increasingly challenging in today’s cluttered media space. I work with the biggest brands in the world on their innovation initiatives and understand how vital it is to dig beneath the surface and pinpoint the key needs and challenges of the problem

I can work with you on the overarching strategy and content of the project, understanding and creating a strong backbone to the work that will capture attention and inspire compassion at each touchpoint



It is through working closely together - understanding your need and working with you on your goals, discussing and aligning on story, message and intent that we will achieve compelling imagery that truly connects and moves people to spark positive change for others around the world

I have photographed all over the world and will work on assignment to create images that stand out, engage and inspire and meet the needs of the project as well as the broader business objectives



A photograph can tell a story in a single frame, or it can be the start of something bigger. Writing, storytelling and presenting are key areas of expertise from years working in insight and innovation and is something I am passionate about bringing into humanitarian and environmental efforts

I can work with you on creating more depth and richness around the images - be it for editorial or internal documentation - creating stories that can be the catalyst for change